Lieurac Productions

37 rue des Panoyaux

F-75020 Paris


T:+33 1 71 73 67 35

F+33 1 44 50 07 60

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Lieurac Productions SARL was created in 1982 and has since produced more than 130 hours of television documentaries.

Today, Lieurac Productions is especially interested in international co-productions, and works regularly with a network of partners from Great Britain, Belgium, Spain, Portugal and Canada. Its ambition being to treat subjects of international interest where each partner takes an active role in co-production. For example by writing or developing the project, by organising the shoot or the postproduction, by financing the project etc.

Without wishing to specialise, Lieurac Production has a leaning towards, maritime, ethnographical or cultural (architecture, dance, plastic arts, photography) subjects.

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